Some of the protesters of the Warri Refinery on Wednesday

By Onome Oghenetega

The protesting support staff of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), in Warri marked Sunday’s activity with a church service.

The entrance to the Warri Refining and Petrochemical Company (WRPC), remains under lock and key, with tents at the entrance of the establishment.

This is day five of the protest, which has continued to be peaceful.

However, there are alleged plots by management of the WRPC to use military force to evacuate the protesting backup staff.

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According to one of the protesters who spoke on condition of anonymity, two officers of the Nigerian Army strolled into the premises and observed their activities.

In a related development, the managing director of WRPC, Engr. Mohammadu Abali, has said the continuous barricading of the company’s entrance will give an edge to prospective buyers of the refinery.

Addressing the people late Friday, he said that with the protest, top officials of the NNPC may have doubts about their conversion to staff.

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“What is happening now is that the people in Abuja are looking at it that, are these the people you want us to bring in? The solution for us, is to work together. If we are fighting ourselves, then we are going to allow those that want to buy this place to win.

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“I have very few years left, so it is up to us. Either we work together and do it or we allow them to come. Because they are ready, they have their money and are the ones that are even in charge. 

“I beg you, let’s use wisdom, let us not allow people that don’t have what we have to take it away,” Abali stated.


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