Okowa’s Ex-Aide Denies Arrest In Canada Over Sexual Assault, Extortion

The family of Siunoje has debunked the rumoured arrest of Chief David Kanebi Siunoje, a former aide to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, in Canada over sexual assault, extortion and breach of trust published by an online newspaper.

The family, who has publicly come out to set the facts straight, noted that the said rumour was spread by some mischievous element in the bid to injure the name of Chief David Kanebi Siunoje.

In a press statement signed by Azuka Siunoje for the family on Tuesday, the family noted that the case of Sexual molestation or harassment of an eighteen year old girl, exists only in the hallucinatory realm of the originators of the said story.

The statement reads; “We have noted with dismay, the misinformation being sold to the public through the Media by some mischievous elements in their bid to injure the name of Chief David Kanebi Siunoje hence, it has become imperative that we state facts as follows, just for the records:

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“As erroneously posited, Chief David Siunoje did not become a resident of Canada through Asylum application. Since becoming a resident in Canada, he has severally visited Nigeria through the Nigerian borders and has had no issues with the Canadian immigration with regards to his status.

“There is no case of Sexual molestation or harassment of an eighteen year old girl wherein the mother embarrassed Chief David in a party as was alleged. The incident exists only in the hallucinatory realm of the originators of the said story.

“That Chief David was never sacked by HE Dr Ifeanyi Okowa neither did he defraud any Igbo trader(s) as alleged by the perpetrators of this propaganda. Chief Siunoje served HE Dr Okowa meritoriously, loyally and was Chieftained during his service as recognition of his loyalty. At the time those stories were initially published in the year 2020, those whose names were mentioned as victims were quick to debunk the stories. Their refutals were published in the print and electronic media.

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“It is instructive to mention that Chief David quit public office when he discovered that the political space has become polarized by evil minded politicians.

“The issue between Chief David and the Ogbolu family which ordinarily should be a civil matter but for political influences, is already in court, (SUBJUDICE) under judicial considerations and discussing same in public may amount to contempt of court. surprisingly, different forms of publications have been flooding the internet space and the electronic media with a bid to injure the name of Chief David with frivolious case file numbers being Brandied online and quoted to have come from the Brampton Police/Court. His car, a Range Rover Autobiography SUV, was forcefully removed from his house in Nigeria at gun point by agents suspected to be working for the family of the Ogbolus with forged documents.

“That the present matter has now become politically motivated as evil politicians have now hijacked same for sake of attempting to settling none existent political scores, judging by the sporadic media postings and the linkage of the whole issue to partisan politics inclinations.


“At this point it has become necessary to advice the general public and indeed the media practitioners to please discountenance the smear campaign which has become the order of the day as the Canadian authorities are now on this matter and hopefully, the law will take her full place.”


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