Sins responsible for increasing world’s Problems – GKS

Brother Ifeacho

By Odeya Ogbetuo

The God’s Kingdom Society (GKS) has assured that only God could solve mankind’s problems and provide lasting solution to the increasing world problems.

  The president of the GKS, Brother Godwin Ifeacho during the 2018 Christian Feast of Tabernacles of the church held at St. Urhobo Square, GKS Headquarters Warri, Delta State, said that the increase in world problems was as a result of sin and wickedness which could be solved by God Almighty if we repent of our sins and embrace righteousness.

While concluding the eight days festival meant to round-off 2018 activities of the church last Sunday, Brother Ifeacho affirmed that the Bible has clearly started that sin has been responsible for the troubles facing mankind today including death, stressing that the troubles of mankind multiplied in several folds due to the influence of the devil in these last days but the only solution is in Christ.

According to him “The last days would be perilous or dangerous as people would be selfish, materialistic, ungrateful, greedy, self-righteousness, lacking in natural affection, ungodliness and untruthful, as a result many would remain in a life of struggle”.

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Brother Ifeacho stated that in the time of Prophet Jeremiah in Israel during the conquest of Judah by the Babylonians where the Israelites were subjected to suffer several indignities, stressing that though the present day Nigerians were not in physical conquest or captivity but where subjected to several abuses, misrepresentations, starvation and threat to life as a result of disobedience and idolatry.

“It is instructive that just as the people of Judah suffered while under siege by foreign powers and were eventually subjected to humiliation, enslavement, desolation and death, due to sin, so the present world is in misery and distress and in danger of certain destruction from God Almighty because of ungodliness. People of goodwill must therefore take advantage of the opportunities God Almighty has provided for them to be delivered from the present evil world” he added.

He disclosed that when people repent of their sins by doing the righteousness of God, he would have mercy on them and heal the land, adding that the gospel contains several miracles performed by Jesus Christ as he went about teaching and healing people.

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“The miracles were proof that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and the King of God’s Kingdom. God Almighty intervened in human affairs, by way of miracles, to demonstrate the power of God to give perfect cures to those visited by the devil by way of sickness”.

Brother Ifeacho who quoted several Bible passages outlined possible solution to the world problems by urging mankind to seek the accurate knowledge of the word of God and live a righteousness life that would bring peace and God’s blessing, but those who illegally acquire wealth and create poverty for the people and make Satan the devil their master will have no peace but would end sadly or fade away.

 This year message titled: ‘Heal me, O Lord, and I Shall Be Healed’ dwelt on various mankind problems and the solutions” The GKS president told the feast celebrants to look up to God who has power to heal, provide, protect and grant salvation to  the righteousness.

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The feast also featured various anointed GKS ministers who gave various inspirational messages and lectures such as ‘Is the Feast of Tabernacle Relevant in this Age? Who are the True Prophets of God?, Has God Ever Ordained Any Woman As His Witness?, The parable of the Wheat and the Tares, Doing the Work of God Heartily without Murmuring, Do to Others As You Would Want Them Do To You; Friendship with the World is Enemity with God, Conduct Expected of Godly Children, The Voice of Conscience among other topics.  


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