Gborogbosi Blames Carnages On East West Road On Poor Governance


Development and finance management expert, Sir (Dr.) Leesi Gborogbosi, has blamed recurring carnages on ever deplorable Akpajo-Eleme-Onne stretch of the East West Road in Rivers state on
poor governance and leadership.

Reflecting on latest fatal accident on the road which left five persons, including a pregnant woman dead and several property destroyed, Gborogbosi said the tragedy also exposed the slack corporate social responsibility towards host communities among corporate bodies operating on the Eleme-Onne corridor.

Gborogbosi, Executive Chairman,
Gborogbosi Foundation, stated, “Another avoidable carnage on the East-West Road has left many wondering why such tragedies should be occuring in this time and age. Truth remains that this problem is rooted in poor governance and leadership.

“Despite poor governance being at the root of the problem, the reality of the latest incident underscores a shared blame that equally exposed failures of other key stakeholders over the needless deaths on the East-West Road, particularly on the Eleme-Onne stretch.

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“The fact that the carnage occurred almost at the gates of Indorama Eleme Petrochemicals Ltd raises serious questions about such a big company’s corporate social responsibility.

“Why did they not send their fire trucks to the scene on time? This lack of empathy and responsibility towards the host communities is unacceptable.

“For government, the negligence and hypocrisy over actions being taken is inciting. The larger Nigerian state is aware of the suffering of the people in that area since 2015, but have not taken any far reaching action.

“But even if Nigeria has shown little concern for the people of Rivers, out of 12 flyovers constructed by the Rivers Government lately, why was consideration not given for a flyover over the Aleto Bridge? This lack of good governance is unacceptable.

“Local Governments in Rivers do not have fire stations and trucks, which is another contributing factor to the carnage on the East-West Road. Why were fire trucks not deployed from Eleme, Okrika, and Port Harcourt to the scene? The lack of empathy and care for the people is appalling without functional fire stations and trucks.

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“Even more concerning is the lack of empathy shown by so-called leaders. Instead of mourning and reflecting on the tragedy, they were attending parties. How can the people take these leaders serious when they show such callousness towards their own people?

“As a concerned son of Rivers State, I am calling on the state government and the leadership of the South-East senatorial district to declare seven days of mourning.

“This would not only show the many families affected by these deaths and destructions that they are not alone, but would also send federal government another critical signal on how much she has pushed Rivers people to breakpoint on the lingering pains over the collapsed East West Road.

“We need to show the love of God and protection for the people.”


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