DESOPADEC Chairmanship: Okowa & Governance Rascality

Delta State Governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa (left) congratulating Hon. Michael Diden, shortly after being Sworn-in as Chairman DESOPADEC, during the Swearing-in ceremony of Boards of Local Government Service Commission, DESOPADEC and the Auditor General, at Event Centre. PIX: DELTA GOVT

By Wilson Ruvwoghor

So the conversation now is at the predictable point where a clan of Okpe jobbers, coalesced as “Ejele Must Be DESOPADEC Chair Supporters” have initiated a media campaign, identifying ‘Mr. Approved’ as paternally Okpe and so has every right to enjoy Urhobo’s turn to be the commission’s chairman.

As predictable as this leg of the conspiracy by Okowa to impose an Itsekiri on Urhobo as DESOPADEC Chair, it is also undeniably a clear admittance of impunity and illegality on this governance rascality. It has been on the cards among Okpes, that when they need Ejele’s money and favour, they call him Okpe son. When he abuses and ridicules them, he should go to his Itsekiri, his Koko.

It doesn’t matter whether Ejele is full, half or quarter blooded Okpe, he has chosen not to be Urhobo by politics. Check, through Itsekiri, Warri North precisely, he’s been Council boss, DESOPADEC Commissioner, DTHA member, maybe more.

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At what point has he been Urhobo political officeholder? At what point has Ejele cast general elections votes in Urhoboland? Is it now that it is Delta Central’s statutory rotational turn to be DESOPADEC Chair that Ejele must be promoted as Urhobo man?

Ibori, maternally Itsekiri, has served his allowable two terms as Gov. Is it acceptable that Ibori, if he now decides to be senator, will now go to contest and win in Delta South Senatorial District seat as Itsekiri man? How morally, politically, PDPly correct can that be?

For Okpe Kingdom which is fast becoming the weakest link for external forces to ridicule Urhobo in a political turf they are majority, get it clear, on this Urhobo DESOPADEC Chairmanship, your voice shouldn’t even be heard. Other Urhobo kingdoms should have the right of first refusal. Why, you ask, because again, it is PDPly wrong to have an Okpe as DTHA Speaker, and another as DESOPADEC, not minding another as Works Commissioner.

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So for all URHOBOS, forget the sentiments, forget the conspiracy of court dramas. Join the campaign. It is Urhobo turn to be DESOPADEC’s Chair. Okowa must not be allowed to force an Itsekiri man on us. It is entire Urhobo’s worry, not an Okpe issue.

Ruvwoghor writes in from Ughelli, Delta State.


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