*Say Navy, Police Played Have No Role In Release Of Victims

*Beg Navy To Release 19 Detained Crew Members

 The Owners of the Vessel, ‘MT APECUS’ where the five freed Indians and a Nigerian were reportedly kidnapped berated the Nigerian and Indian governments including the Nigerian Navy and the Police over their role in the release of the victims.

The seafarers who were on board ‘MT Apecus’ were kidnapped and taken ashore from the vessel in the outer anchorage off Bonny Island in Nigeria on April 19.

They were, however, released last month after spending over two months in captivity.

Subsequently, the Federal Government and the High Commission of India, Abuja had claimed that the sustained efforts of various stakeholders, including the Ministry of Shipping, the Directorate General of Shipping and the High Commission of India, Abuja, the kidnapped victims were successfully released and have reached the safe custody of the authorities on June 27.

But reacting to the released of the kidnapped victims, ‘MT Apecus’ owners alleged that the governments of Nigeria and India including the police and the navy did nothing to secure the abductors’ release. 

In a statement on Wednesday, the spokesman of the Vessel owners, Mr  Koffi Fripong Bue said the kidnapped seafarers regained their freedom as a result of their sole efforts, saying little or nothing was done by those claiming responsibility for their release.

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Bue, however, in the statement called for the immediate release of Mr Charles Marccathy, a Ghanaian national, who was kidnapped by the hijackers while he was attempting to deliver the ransom, and 17 Crew members allegedly being detained by the Nigerian Navy.

The vessel owners frowned at the alleged nonchalant attitude of the Federal government, the Indian Government and the security agencies during the period their staff were kidnapped. 

Bue said, “The Nigerian Government, the Navy and the Indian Government did nothing towards securing their release from captivity or if they did anything at all,   the impact was not felt because the Vessel Owners did everything possible to ensure that they were  reunited with their families.”

He added that,  “Furthermore, a recent news published  by the  Nigerian Navy  alleging that “Navy Debunks alleged hijack of MT APECUS”, the  owners found this as  totally false and they wondering about the reason why the  Navy  is distributing wrong information without any supporting evidences, unless they are aware of any -internal- details for which the owners demand to  know officially.

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“The  Vessel Owners engaged the services of the locals and other stakeholders who worked round the clock in order for them to be released  and eventually after spirited efforts, they were released  after over two months in captivity. The demanded ransom was paid to the kidnappers.

“Those who are claiming that they secured their release did not help in any way, but we are glad that our efforts paid off as the kidnapped five    Indian seafarers and the Nigerian Captain were successfully released and have reached the safe custody of Indian authorities on June 27.

“The India government should laud the efforts of the Vessel Owners for the great role they played in securing the release of their nationals.

“Instead of Nigerian Navy to go after the kidnapped victims, they went ahead to arrest the remaining crew on board of MT APECUS and their  Sister Vessel,  MT   INVICTUS  and  confiscated the two Sister  Vessels and  also detained  the remaining crew on board and up  till now they are still in their    custody, claiming they were on illegal business without any prove because the Vessels were   empty and they were arrested inside Bonny anchorage and so we are passionately appealing  to the Nigerian Navy and all the necessary authorities to release the detained Crew Members  and the  two  Vessels to the  owners.”

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Meanwhile, the  Vessel Owners have called for the immediate release of Mr Charles Marccathy, a Ghanaian national  being held hostage by the kidnappers after releasing the seafarers.

According to the   Spokesman to the  owners of the Vessel,   “Mr Charles MarcCathy was involved in the release of six crew members of the  Vessel;  MT APECUS in Bayelsa State. When Six     crew members of the Vessel, MT APECUS were kidnapped,  he helped in their release. In the course of trying to rescue the victims,  the owners of the Vessel through Mr Charles Marccathy,  a Ghanaian national arranged for the ransom and exchange which was effected about midnight of June 26th, 2019”.

He added, “But the kidnappers after releasing the Six   victims have now held Mr Charles Marccathy hostage. They are yet to  open communication with the owners of the Vessel.

“We are therefore appealing to the Federal Government, the DSS and other relevant security agencies to do something urgent to secure his immediate release. His abductors should set him free unconditionally and without harm”.


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